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Show and Performances ( 2 )

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Start From 2.25 Milion

Enjoy our acrobatics Show, where troupes of dancers perform jaw-dropping acts alongside jugglers, unicyclists, plate-spinners and more.

Giant Bubble Show

Flash Mob Dance

Harap cek ketersediaan / Please check for the availability

A group of people that entertain you by assemble suddenly, perform dance.

Snow White Operetta

Snow White Operetta

Harap cek ketersediaan / Please check for the availability

A show for the generations those grew up with this wonderful fairy tale.

Puppet Show

akustik / band

Start From 1.65 Million per player

Our talented singers are ready for hire, from solo vocalists with backing tracks to acoustic singer / guitarists.

Story Telling

Story Telling

Start From 1.85 Million

Why do children enjoy stories?
Through stories children are able to learn more about life, the world, and themselves.

Stilt Walker / Jangkungan

Stilt Walker / Jangkungan

Start from 1.5 Million

Experience the magnificence of an updated circus classic with a fun-filled stilt-walking performance.

Story Telling

Electone Player / Organ Tunggal

Start From 2 Million

The musical instrument used in Organ Tunggal is simply an organ played by an organist

Santa Claus

Sinterklas / Santa Claus

Start From 1.5 Million

A short performance and a meet and greet with Santa himself

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