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Show and Performance ( With Card )

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MC Entertainment

MC Performance

Start From 1.5 Million

Our interactive MC will ensure that everyone is having a great time from start to finish!

Magic show

Magic Show

Start From 1,35 Million

A great way to spice up both adult and children's parties. When it comes to magic, there are no age restrictions.

Magic Balloon Show

Magic / Twisting Balloon Show

Start from 850k

Expertly crafted balloon animals and creations bring joy to every celebration

Dog Show

Dog Show

Start From 3,5 Million

Celebrating the beauty of our four-legged friends, the funny things they do will entertain us

Giant Bubble Show

Giant Bubble Show

Start From 2.5 Million

A unique blend of magic, and bubble art! Enjoy bouncy bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, smoke bubbles etc

Puppet Show

Panggung Boneka / Puppet Show

Start From 1.85 Million

The story contains a moral message that is useful in shaping the character of children,


Badut / Costume character

Start From 550k

The Let's get entertained by our costume character from your favorite movies and TV shows.


Barongsai / Chinese Lion Dance

Start From 7.5 Million

One of the most important traditions at Chinese New Year. This show can come in a range of different formats

Topeng Monyet

Topeng Monyet (Masked Monkey)

Tidak Tersedia lagi
No Longer Available

The handlers teach their monkeys to perform tricks and uncanny human-like expression

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